Garage Door Maintenance

Breathe life into your garage door with an annual maintenance service. If you like to schedule a garage door maintenance in Aurora, Ontario, choose our company. And be certain of the excellent results. We’ve been working with experienced garage door techs that have the skills to inspect and routinely service all types and brands. From sectional to rollup doors and any type in between, they service them all with the same accuracy. Why let normal wear take its toll on your safety or security? Why deal with troubles and perhaps accidents when most issues can be prevented with a professional garage door maintenance service? Call us to be sure the service is done in a meticulous manner.Garage Door Maintenance Aurora

At your service for an Aurora garage door maintenance

We dispatch pros with expert garage door troubleshooting skills. Thus, they can isolate all problematic areas. From the cables and the springs to the tracks, the opener, and the rollers, all parts are thoroughly examined. The goal is to ensure all parts are aligned, well-fastened, properly lubed, and thus ready to lower and elevate the garage door. And so the techs follow a detailed garage door maintenance checklist to inspect them all.

There is often a need for garage door adjustment. It’s vital that the garage door remains properly balanced. And so the techs test its balance and do the required adjustments, if it’s necessary. The reverse system, the force and the travel limit settings, the sensors, and the release cord are tested. If the down travel limit is not set right, the garage door won’t close all the way. Rest assured that the pros do all adjustments and any repair necessary to ensure the good operation and safe movement of your electric garage door.

Be sure of the garage door maintenance service’s results by calling us

Turn to our Aurora garage door repair team for the maintenance service to be sure it is conducted correctly, on time, affordably, and with your safety in mind. That’s the main essence of this service. Garage doors poorly maintained break down faster than they expected and often become the reasons for accidents and security concerns. You can avoid all these serious problems and still save money otherwise spent on wasted energy, emergency repairs, premature replacement of parts and much more by simply having the garage door maintained.

With a regular lubrication and thorough garage door maintenance Aurora service, your life is about to change. Give us a call if you like to make an appointment.

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